And now we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for the rant of the day:

I don’t know if it’s Murphy’s Law, God laughing when you make plans or just one of those times when you just wish going back in time was possible. Last night I was getting ready to write part 2 on my blog and what do I see when I turn on my computer………….a black screen with a message in white letters stating my computer did not restart properly, blah, blah, blah. No problem just pick the option to restart and all will be well, no worries. Yes worries!!!! It wouldn’t restart. Tried it several times and as I tried to remember to take deep calming breaths as I did a full system restore. Tried not to have a heart attack as I tried to figure where my files went to. As I sat there trying to reinstall my anti-virus software, I cursed the day computers were created.

How did it get to this point where this a metal box not working could send you into a cold sweat? I ask you, why do we pay homage at the altar of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates by even having one of these in our homes? Do I really need the world wide web? Do I really need to know about the klepto cat in San Mateo or what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast? Do I really need to shop at a store half-way across the country when I could just drive 5 minutes down the road? Are my 121 friends on Facebook really interested that I had a vanilla latte on the way to work? Think of all the time we would save, the mind clutter we could clear out if we were not tied to our electrical shackles 24-7.

I say it is time for a revolution, to break free. To say we are not going to take it anymore. Tune in to my Facebook page to see how the revolution is going.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

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