Resolution on New Year’s Resolutions

Here I am on my rather sporadic blog. I think I finally accept the fact that I set up to many high expectations and obligations for myself which is why I am writing today. It is a 2011!! Wow! Do you have your resolution lists written yet?

Yes, my topic is on New Year’s resolutions. That perennial exercise we all seem to do at the end/beginning of every year. Let me suggest something rather revolutionary in our goal oriented society. How about if you scrap the list for just this once? What would happen if you simply allowed the year to unfold before you? What if the only “resolution” you set was the intention to allow yourself to experience the year in each moment that unfolds before you?

I have nothing against goals and yes it helps to set a blueprint in order to accomplish certain things. However, our society is not exactly based on a balanced, harmonious approach to life. We are a society of extremes. If “a little is a good then a lot must be better” seems to be the overriding mantra of our society. So we create these laundry list of things that must be accomplished within a 365 day period. Our sense of value and worth seems to rely on tick marks next to a line item on a sheet of paper (or word document, excel spreadsheet, etc.)

Well, I have decided to step off that merry-go-round and instead set the intention to find the joy and magic in each moment. 2011 is a blank slate, and instead of already filling it in with goals and activities that need to be accomplished, the only thing I want to see on each day of the calendar is joy and magic. I rather like the idea of allowing the year to be an unknown quantity and seeing how joy and magic turn up. How about you?

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